Why would Kris Kobach lose again in November?

      Kris Kobach has strong ties to White Nationalists!
      Kris Kobach was pro-abortion (before he was against it!)
      Kris Kobach was even passed over for a job in President Trump’s cabinet!

No wonder National Democrats are spending millions to help Kris Kobach win the Republican primary…they know Kobach would lose our Republican Senate seat.

Kobach. Can’t Represent Kansas!

Say NO to Kris Kobach and liberal Democrats.

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Why are national Democrats spending money to make Kris Kobach win the Republican primary?

Because they know they can beat him!

They also know Kobach used to be PRO Abortion.

That’s right, as a state Senate candidate, Kobach said: “I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion in most circumstances.”

Kobach: “I support a woman’s right to choose an abortion…”

Now Kobach’s covering up his liberal abortion record.

Pro-abortion, election loser Kris Kobach.

No wonder Democrats like him!

Kobach. Can’t Represent Kansas!

Kris Kobach Facts

Kris Kobach—losing candidate for Governor—now wants to be our U.S. Senator?

The same Kris Kobach who has extensive ties to white nationalists?

Kobach’s Senate campaign paid a man “who regularly posted hateful comments about Jews and racial minorities on a white nationalist website.”

In fact, this same white nationalist filed the paperwork that registered Kobach’s current Senate campaign in Kansas.

Kris Kobach does not have the judgment Kansas needs in the Senate.